The way you sell your products in Iran's industrial society

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Iran upstream industry


Do you have services or products in the steel industry, oil, gas , petrochemicals and etc?

Do you know Iran is currently a potential customer of the above services and products from all over the world?

If you would like to compete in a fair and equal platform with Iranian companies in gaining the upstream industries market, We have provided a platform for companies that offers services and raw materials in upstream industries (steel, oil, gas, petrochemical and etc) to demonstrate their ability in a fair situation for factories and EPC companies, who purchase the mentioned services.

Iran’s industry is currently in the severe needs of continuous cooperation with foreign companies to meet it’s technical, technological and equipment needs.

We will show you and your services to Iran’s industry.

It is important to note that if you have previously provided Iranian industries with services, you can attach your information to the completed project because we are collecting all of iran's industrial project in our online platform.

The fee is 1200$ Per/year that you can pay now via our

bitcoin wallet:



eth wallet:

"0xc0544D26d2E1EC45F9E9A9178077Dea5347aA76c "


bitcoin cash wallet:

"qrpz5qstd353tyzy7hmwquq46s8zhf8a75grswhehz "

to register your company and benefit the current opportunity. send us your payment and company information. Your documents will be checked after 24 hours by our experts and you will be notified about your profile activation in INFOSABA.

INFOSABA is registered in the industrial property office of Iran under registration number 99064 .

If you would like to get more information of Iran’s industrial and manufacturing complexes and upstream industries, you can email us to receive information.

contact us : [email protected]

دعوت از دوستان

جهت دریافت عضویت ویژه یک ساله سامانه صبا به صورت رایگان، لازم است:
  1. 1- 21 امتیاز فعالیت از سامانه دریافت کنید (با معرفی دوستان و یا سایر راه های موجود)
  2. 2- اطلاعات کاربری خود را بصورت صددرصد کامل کنید (ورود به صفحه من)
همچنین میتوانید بدون نیاز به دعوت از دوستان و با پرداخت هزینه، عضویت ویژه دریافت کنید:
+ معرفی نفر بعدی

تبریک تبریک

شما به مدت یک ماه در سامانه عضویت فعال دارید

تبریک، تبریک

باعث افتخار ماست که به مدت 24 ساعت از امکانات و اطلاعات سامانه صبا به صورت رایگان بهره مند شوید.


شما به مدت یک سال در سامانه صبا عضویت فعال دارید

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